Metrix Production Resource Management Workflow

Designed Specifically For Broadcast Operations

There are a lot of project management software available that promote team collaboration and workflow streamlining. Unfortunately, these program are general purpose and not designed specifically for broadcast operations.

Ask an editor, director, or any manager of content editing and production - and they will tell you broadcast production services have complexities that extend beyond a capabilities of most project management software.

That is why Metrix was created - to address the specific needs broadcaster have and to create a digital workflow to complement their day to day operations; increase engagement through information availaibility and provide real time analysis that assist in decision making.

Metrix is an web-based project management and collaboration workflow; designed specifically for broadcast operations. Metrix provides full visibility and control over your production services. Metrix includes time tracking, project management and data visualization - making it easy for supervisors to manage their teams while adapting their resources as needed to accomodate real demand.

Metrix can be used by production, creative services, share services departments to manage teams of any size.

The Metrix Advantage

Metrix gives managers a convenient tool to provide oversight of creative content for daily shows, promotional ads, and features. WIth the integrated training features, staff development can be easily monitored and assessed.

Metrix allows for the integration of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) into the workflow ensuring that staff is adhering to operational requirements.

Metrix's data visualation and analysis provides detailed insight into scheduling trends allowing for proactive adjusting of resources, schedules and room assignments to meet production needs.

Benefits and Features

  • Total view of projects and relevant personnel activities to ensure all programming deadlines are met
  • Integrated notification and escalation funtionality to keep staff informed of coming due dates
  • Digital review and approval process
  • Detailed charts, graphs and analysis provide insight to resource utilitzation, production budget/time forecasts, overtime hours, and general operational status
  • Automatic report distribution (daily, weekly, monthly, etc) in PDF, HTML, Excel and CSV. Support for Power BI and Tableau integration